Life Underneath the Spotlight: The Biography of Lady Gaga

For new fans of Lady Gaga or even for those who are only thinking about her life story. You are searching for just one filled with roller coaster rides which help shaped the terrific singer whom lots of respect now. The biography of Lady Gaga is one for those publications. Exactly like many famous people we know now, it was not easy for her to be where she is currently. But even with the play in her lifetime, you will be surprised to understand many interesting facts relating to her.

Let us walk through the life story of Lady GagaGaga , or originally known as Joanne Stefani Germanotta before she turned into the superstar she's currently.

Lady Gaga's Story

Lady Gaga, or known as Joanne since her birth on March 28, 1986. She has demonstrated a wonderful interest in music at a younger age. Proven to singalong with Michael Jackson and Cindy Lauper on her mini plastic tape recorder. She also grew a liking to The Rolling Stones and The Beatles.

When she reached age 4, she already taught herself how to play the piano simply by playing others. And when she became a teenager, she started writing songs and also completed. Her very first song that she played in public with a group she made in an open microphone night in New York's Bitter End.

As a celebrity from the Lower eastside Club, that started Lady Gaga's music career, she became famous to be a provocative exhibitionist and theatrical writer. She veered out of the typical, similar manner of music that everyone had been doing. She wished to accomplish"some thing which was original and fresh."

Ultimate Pop Burlesque Rockshow

At 19, Lady Gaga signed a deal with Def Jam Records after working with songs producer Rob Fusari. Regrettably, she had been lost after a couple of months. But this did not deter her. She met Lady Starlight and the duo started a act known as the"Ultimate Pop Burlesque Rockshow" which gained much attention and also turned on their crowd into fans.

At length, Lady Gaga signed with Streamline Records and worked her way up until she had been awarded the opportunity to sing with Akon. Poker-face was born from this collaboration. With a partnership with manufacturer red one, her debut album"The Fame" was released in 2008.

That's the way that Lady Gaga worked her way up. And for sure, her fans would be motivated by her entire life story and not just interested in Lady Gaga real name.

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